Turn midlife "meh




10 Timeless Tips to Own Your A.G.E.


Find out:


✓ What ATTITUDE will do it for you?


✓ Where does GRACE fit in?


✓ How can you increase EXCITEMENT?


Nobody wants to feel old. 

You don’t have to feel old.

Whether you find yourself in an empty nest...a midlife job change...or a season of stuck, boredom, or disconnection, these ten tips can help you see things a little more clearly and begin to move through and PAST a so-so season. 

AGE with Attitude,

Grace & Excitement

With this guide you'll know exactly how to turn any midlife "meh" into a

"Oh, Hell Yeah!"

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The work we are doing here has been absolutely LIBERATING. I feel like a different person than I was three months ago. I'm starting to RECOGNIZE THE PERSON WHO IS EMERGING. I missed her!

Angie B.

"Oh yes, the infamous "midlife crisis" is real. I am a crisis survivor to thriver. And it's completely possible for you to thrive, too!" 

I genuinely don't want you to struggle or trudge along as long as I did, so, I share my best stuff from my personal experience as well as my years of being a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator , and, most recently, a certified Clini-Coach®.


I specialize in Midlife Reconstruction™, a process where you identify the things that are not working in your life, and rebuild with the things that feel authentic and exciting to you NOW!


Get in touch and let’s create the blueprint and lay the foundation for the BEST rest of your life!!


Working with Melissa has helped me to find my TRUE SENSE OF SELF. She is able to unlock your potential and identify blocks in your life. There are countless opportunities coming my way now and I credit it all to her.

Thank you, Melissa, for helping me GET MY HEAD OUT OF MY ASS!

Amy F.

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